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Purchasing Info

Types of Purchases

We offer both SPOT and FUTURE options for our coffee. SPOT purchase option is only available for coffee that we have in our warehouse. We will ship all SPOT purchase immediately. Please contact us to check our inventory. FUTURE purchase is available for six to twelve months in advance of shipment. It is used to ensure the availability of the coffee.
We offer our coffee in full container or multiple of full bag purchase only. We may in the future offer split bag purchase option.


We are confident that we offer our great coffee at very competitive prices. Please contact us for quotes.

Terms of Payment

We currently take payment by cedit card, paypal, or electronic wire transfer in advance of shipment of our coffee. We plan to offer credit in the future once we establish business relationships for our regular customers.


We will send the invoice to our customer on the day the coffee ordered become available. Billing will be from the date of AVAILABILITY, not on the date of delivery. While we offer free storage for six months on our warehouse at no extra cost, the invoice must be paid from the date of the availability.
We will provide you a copy of organic certification on your organic coffee purchase. We will also be able to provide you with our Fair Trade certification information upon request.


Shipments from our warehouse are made on FOB (Freight on Board) term, which means that the freight charges will be paid by you. We will arrange the shipment with the freight company of your choice or our preferred freight company. Please ensure that your freight company be aware of condition of shipment as they are loaded. The freight company should then sign the paperwork accordingly.
Trucking industry code for green coffee is CLASS 55. Please make sure that you provide this codeto your freight company to ensure you receive proper rate.
It is always good to double check your shipping address and any special shipping instruction to prevent any delay in your shipment.